481_usaWe here at YAY! LiFE! recently had the good fortune to take a drive across this great big country of ours – From Denver to West Virginia and all the states between.

We feel blessed to live in a country where that is possible. There are no checkpoints, states aren’t fighting between themselves. We are whole. We are the USA.

In our travels we came across many places just like this one in the photo below. An independent, locally owned version of a Dairy Queen. This one happens to be McGaughey’s Dairy Freeze in Somerset, Ohio, where we stopped to get some cool treats on a sweltering summer day that only Ohio can cook up. This place has been in business for at least 50 years. Carl has fond memories of coming here when he was a boy. It doesn’t really look too much different from then we suppose.

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That’s a success story. The American Dream. We may complain about our government, the healthcare system, political parties and their agendas, but we live in a place where it is possible for businesses to survive and thrive for over 50 years. What’s the magic formula? We hope to figure that one out.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to run a business in the USA, where it is possible. YAY! USA!

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